The very first thing every man should know, whether a divorce is in your short-range future or is imminent, is exactly what your rights are. Too many men compound their situation by not knowing their rights, making the divorce process even more difficult and emotionally and financially painful than it should be.

The "Man Lawyer", Keith Golden, understands this and has identified the following significant "Man Rights". If you're a man, you need to know the following:

You are entitled to stay in your home until ordered otherwise. Divorce is tough enough to handle in a foreign place; don't feel obligated to vacate your hard-earned home simply because your wife tells you to get out.

Too many men get the shaft when it comes to divorce, and a lot of that stems from discussing terms directly with their spouse. Trying to negotiate with your future "Ex" only means you're bidding against yourself, there is usually nothing positive to be gained from this.

Communication is key throughout the process, and if your lawyer is not communicating with you on the critical issues, it is time for a drastic change...before it's too late! Your lawyer should not only understand your rights and communicate them to you, but needs to be your advocate.

If you're a Dad, you need to know this and, sadly, most don't. Make sure you're well-versed in what your rights are as a father throughout the divorce process. When it comes to your kids, you have rights.

There are steps you can take to protect what's important to you - your kids, your business, your savings. DON'T try to do it yourself or with a "discount" divorce attorney. Now is not the time to skimp on your future.

Divorce does NOT have to be a one-sided outcome. You shouldn't feel like you're walking a tightrope with no safety net underneath you. You're entitled to a fair and equitable split of your assets and liabilities.

Keith Golden knows your Man Rights. Do you? Call him immediately at (614) 258-1983, or email the Golden & Meizlish offices at Don't get stripped of your rights and don't get ripped off by the other side. Take control of your future today.

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